Dr J D Tucker Rohm

JD Tucker Rohm
Dr. J.D. Tucker Rohm is licensed in Idaho and Oregon. Dr. Rohm worked for 3 years in Boise Idaho with friends and is now excited to be working in the Tri-City Area. While he worked in Boise he specialized in treating Car Accident victims, disc herniation and arthritis pain.

Dr. Rohm was the official “Fight Doctor” for World Combat Sports Federation. This is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) company that hosts most of the top-ranked amateur fighters in Idaho. While he was there he ran the medical staff and treated severe sports injuries of the arms, legs, spine and soft tissues. He also sponsored Team Crow, a local MMA team. Dr. Rohm was a volunteer in the “Fit and Fall Proof” program that was designed for older adults who wanted to improve their health and reduce their risk of falling. He taught balance exercises, posture awareness, nutritional advice, performed balance assessments and help in maintaining static and dynamic balance, taking the fear out of falling. Overall, he is well rounded in his knowledge of the human body and in how to bring the body back to its optimal state

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